Temple of the Moon – Complete Walkthrough



So Indy is missing in action….guess we have to go this one alone again.  Forrestal is ahead of us.  We have to figure out what Indy would do.  We need to get the Lunar Component of the Calendar of the Sun!  and it appears we have to repair a statue.  This place is massive!  And we have to follow a yellow brick road?  Are we going to find the wizard?  We’ll see!


Created by Lindsay and Sandy


  • 575 supplies, 2 each of food, water and fuel
  • Time limit – 6 days
  • Cement – requested through wall post
  • Chains – request from individual friends (use our gift requester to get them before you start the expedition)





1st Quest – Stop Forrestal  - We are dropped onto the southern tip of the map and Forrestal’s camp is at the northern tip.  It looks like we have some obstacles and a few snakes in our way.


2nd Quest – Compass Quest


3rd Quest – Secret of the Lunar Component


This picture of the map shows the south and east area of the map, the direction taken and the location of specific items you need to interact with:  The Compass Pendulums (blue circles), The Compass Pedestals (white circles), trigger that lowers the east wall (yellow) and movement of the stone block (purple).

The right hand door leads the way; the other 2 have snakes behind them. Click on that door and step on the gold tile directly behind the middle door – you will see the wall in front of you go down.  When you step off, it goes back up.  Go over to the Compass Pedestal (you will need to have cement from your friends) – repair and place the compass and the path you must take will be highlighted in gold.

Once you have repaired the compass you can cross the gold bridge and pick up the treasures.  You need to step on each gold tile to lower the wall so go back to the first gold tile you can see behind the ruins and go forward on the path shown – this will lower the first wall.


Repair and use the compass pendulum (circled in white – click on it twice) – it points to the left gate, click on that gate and both gates will come down. Get the vases and enter through the left door entry (red circle).


Go over and repair the 2nd pedestal and place the compass – it will show you the path you have to take to get over the second wall.  Go over and pick up the treasures on the right and then go back to the beginning of this section (behind the compass pendulum) and step on only the gold tiles to get the next wall down.


Now investigate the statue. The statue of the moon goddess needs a torso so we have to go and find it.  The stone block (white circle) needs to be pushed all around the statue – looks like lots of pushing but it’s really not that bad only takes 8 energy.  Push it all the way around the statue to the trigger and it will lower the right wall.

Repair and place the compass on the pendulum (red circle), it points to the righthand door (marked with red X), leave the vases for now because I think taking them releases snakes – you have to come back anyway and you can trap them behind the wall by pushing the brick off the trigger.


Continue going right, break the stone, swing over the gap and repair and place the compass on the 2 pedestals (circled in white).  This will illuminate both paths (left and right) showing the tiles you need to step on.   Stepping right or left at the red vases will lower the correponding walls – let’s start by going left and leave the other wall up for now. The torso is north so repair and place the compass on the pendulum (circled in red), it shows the left door is best, so break the left block ( the right one can trap snakes) and investigate (click on) the left door.


Push the block,  go repair and place the compass on both pedestals (circled in white) to reveal the walkway, then go get the torso and vases.  When you pick up the torso, two snakes will appear by the wall over on the path to the right, taking the treasures up here by the torso makes the snakes move closer to you.

Time to move aside and hire a neighbor to kill them or to lure them away to where you just came from and trap them behind that right block you didn’t break or do it yourself. ( if you or a neighbor go past the wall stay on the path or the wall goes back up).  If you use a neighbor luring them to the walkway to the torso will trap the remaining snake.


Head south – keeping to the gold tiles that you revealed previously.  Repair and place the compass on the next pendulum,(circled in blue)  it points to the left hand door (circled in red).   Break the right hand stone (marked with a red X) and investigate the door to make it open.   If you don’t choose the proper door at either of these points there will be snakes behind the doors.

Chop the bushes to get at the blue switch and use it, you can’t get to the aged switch which is why you must go up but you need to deactivate the blue spike traps before you can ascend. Now push the block onto the trigger, this will lower the wall and give you access to the next level.  Go up the stairs and swing across the gap.


Push the block , chop the bush, take the vase and kill the snake then chop the bush by the stairs.  Use a neighbor to walk through the green spike trap and then go up the stairs and kill the snake. Now deactivate the red spikes and push the block to the trigger to raise the whip swing point, use the green switch and then go up the stairs and swing across.  Break the block and deactivate the gold spikes , go up the stairs and do the same to the green ones.  Then push the block onto the trigger raisng the whip swing again.

Now use the statue and your whip to swing across the gap.  Go up the stairs and get the right arm of the statue.  Grapple down to disarm spikes with the aged switch.  As you head out two more snakes will be waiting for you, you may be able to take a vase and lure one up the stairs. You could also hire a crew member(s) to kill them for you.


Head back to the statue  - be careful!  Stay on the gold tiles or you’ll get zapped!  Click on the statue to replace the arm you just picked up (click the statue twice) and another wall will drop.  Pick up the red vases and head to the west side of the map.  Swing across and break the block, head south and use dynamite (instead of trying to make the wall drop).  You could push the block in the centre area to make the wall drop but there is no need to waste all that energy – just dynamite the rock and go around it.


Push the block to the trigger and repair and place the compass on both pedestals.  Go get the left arm and the vases.


There is a torch missing so go take a leap of faith stand on the edge (as shown below) take one step and a tile appears – go straight for 3 more steps, then  right 3 then straight 3 – this brings you to the block – just break it and you’re safe.


Enter the mine if you have a key.  Step on the tiles as per the red line below…don’t make a mistake, cause if you do the treasure box rises again and you have to start all over; including returning to the start tile back along the route you just took.  To get back to the main map, just retrace your steps except with the block missing go 4 steps forward, 3 to the right and then 3 forward to get back, the tiles will remain invisible.

Now just try to avoid the snakes and break the brick to get to the north part of the map as shown below.  Dynamite the stone and go through. Quickly use both whip swings to avoid the snake, activate the green spike switch unless you want the snakes up top to set them off.   Then use your whip to swing around the corner.   Is the vase really worth it ? NO !!!  You can get it but you could get hit too. Use the other swings, grab those vases,  activate the red switch unless you want the snakes up top to set them off and get to the stairs, hire a neighbor and kill the snake there, now walk up the stairs.


There are many choices here but if you can afford grapples use them now and go up to swing across. because you can kill the snakes from above if they are on the tile below the hook. Grapple down to get the moon goddesss head. Then using the same grapple go up and swing across, use the far grapple point to go down, however keep in mind that you can whip snakes from above only if you can lure them onto the lower grappling points. Now you can lure that untrapped snake below into the green spikes if you didn’t use the switches( leaving the spike for the snakes to set off gives you more energy and uses less) by going back up your grapple and swinging across, then go back and the snake you avoided should be sitting on the last lower grappling spot so whip him from above and then grapple down.

Now it gets tough because at least one snake you had eluded before has made it past the dynamite stone you blew up and is waiting for you on the other side of the gap so swing across and in mid swing click on the snake, you will whip him when you land; hire a neighbor if you can get clear, if not kill it and hire to lure the other snakes into the corner away from your path out.

Head back to the statue and finish repairing it (click on it twice), that will lower the north wall to get at the doors. Repair both pendulums and place the compass,(you need to repair 7) it tells you the left door is the one to go through so investigate it by clicking on it,  get the vases and continue on.

Repair the two pedestals and take the red vases.  You can push the blocks over the the gold tiles so either step off the gold path to push the blocks directly onto to the triggers by taking one push each or push them all the way around while staying on the gold tiles.  This will make the walls go down (identified with yellow) .  If you step off the path to push the blocks, you have to go back to the middle and walk just on the gold tiles again to make the second wall go down.

Let’s go left first:   Walk over the walls that just went down and go around the blue block (there’s no need to push it).  It takes a lot of energy to hack bushes and push the rock plus kill the two snakes so use neighbor to lure them away from the cave area weaken them. Finish them off or elude them and then use dynamite here to get to the hidden cave (circled in green)


It will take more energy to get to the treasure box than the goodies are worth, you would have to chop to the locked chest and there are 2 snakes at level 9 that can come through the bushes so just go back up the ladder and the other wall will have gone down all the way.


N0w go back out across the two walls to the eastern part of the map being careful to only step on the gold tiles.  Go around to the side of the second blue block and push it onto the gold tile.  You’ll have to step off the path at this point to give it a final push to the trigger that holds one of the walls down.  Then go back to the middle gold tile and make your way along the gold path to the 5 blue doors (the wall will come down if you stay on the gold path).  If you go off the gold tiles you have to start over again at the middle.


At the top of the stairs take one step left and repair and place the compass on the pendulum straight ahead of you.  It points to the second door to your left so click on it to investigate. The door lowers to reveal a trigger (circled in yellow), go back out and push the blue block onto the trigger and the final wall to Forrestal’s camp is lowered.  Pick up the goodies that have appeared, then follow the gold path back across the wall that came down and up the stairs.


When you reach the top of the stairs, if you have repaired enough pendulums (there are plenty by the doors, if you haven’t) you are done.  Indy appears, the bad guys fly off and bomb their tents –  but don’t leave yet, when it says expedition complete click the X to close that window and deactivate the red and gold spike traps to get at Forrestal.  Speak to him to gather some more info, pick up the vases for energy, points and XPs. Now you can click return to basecamp to finish.

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  • Abc

    At the very end, when you’re in the camp, you can step into the mist that is below the strip, but you can’t get very far. Is there any use to this little niche? Can we use anything to clear the mist?

    • Anonymous

      If you can’t walk up to the mist and have it automatically clear, then there is no use to the piece of land it is hiding.

  • Ash

    where is the anteater in this?

  • http://sites.google.com/site/clubdeamigosmargaritarosa/ Ana de Arg – Twitter: AnaBE98

    Thanks for all the steps, tricks, tips & hints!!! I have no friends playing this game, it’s hard to play without other players… I need to save all the energy… hahaha.

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